About the family

Saveriako has experience as a chef de cuisine for almost 30 years, all around the world.
Now he enjoys it so much that he cooks and entertains at home for our guests.
The cooking classes that he gives are a way to taste – smell – talk – do – and eat the simple basics of cooking that you learn in a Wonderfull open space kitchen.
Here we also can make you a breakfast or have a nice dinner in the evening, meanwhile you look over the olives to a boat that is passing the blue.

Lidian have made some experience with interior styling and study to become an artist-dynamic-coach.
She also gives workshops, most of the time a combination of a walk in the beautiful nature that is all around the house plus the creating of a work of art.
When you feel or want to learn more about your personal daily life she can guide or counsel you.

We are open-minded, easy-going, with this in our souls

makes it us really happy when we can share this with


Our pets

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